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Prayer Request

"Prayer is at the heart of worship. In prayer, through the Holy Spirit, people seek after and are found by the one true God who has been revealed in Jesus Christ. They listen and wait upon God, they call God by name, they remember God's gracious acts, and they offer themselves to God. Prayer grows out of the center of a person's life in response to the Spirit. Prayer is shaped by the Word of God in Scripture and by the life of the community of faith. Prayer issues in commitment to join God's work in the world." The Book of Order

In prayer we respond to God in many ways.
  • Call on God's name: We invoke God's presence by posturing ourselves in a place to listen, to wait upon, and to respond to God.
  • Adoration: We praise God for who God is.
  • Confession: We acknowledge repentance for what we as individuals and as a people have done or left undone, have said or left unsaid.
  • Thanksgiving: We express gratitude for what God has done.
  • Intercession: We plead for others, on behalf of others, and for the whole world.
  • Supplication: We plead for ourselves and the gathered community.
  • Self-Dedication: We offer ourselves to the purpose and glory of God.
Please know that your pastors commit to the practice of Daily Prayer, where, through the reading of scripture (including the Psalms, the church's prayerbook), songs, the recitation of creeds, and prayers, we center ourselves; we practice the presence of God; we hold our congregation, family, and friends before God; we pray for peace, justice, hope, and healing, and; we align through prayer all of our community-of-faith into God's Way so we might see the world the way God sees it and find ourselves cared for by a God whose love shall know no ending.

If you have a prayer request, please contact our pastors by telephone or email. We assure you that we take every request seriously, and will hold you and your story before God. Rest assured, also, that your email transmission is confidential, and will be read only by your pastors. We hold your requests in the highest regard.

Email Church Office

Even now, we are praying for you. Even now...